What's with people in cars?

For the last 2 days I had to break hard to back away from idiots that do NOT look. This past Thursday i was riding in the right lane.
A Lady in a suv half way passes me t hen start cutting me off. i hit the horn & brakes but she kept moving over into my lane. Came up to a intersection stop light RED so there was enough room between her car n the curb so i pulled up along side her. She had her
window half way down. I said LOUDLY do you know how to drive? and i said you cut me off learn how to drive a car. I gave her
the bird. Light turned green and i left her behind me. 2 nd case A male pulled out of a side st while i was just about in front of him.
I hit the brakes again & horn. I backed off then i went around him to get away from that A hat.
What's with people NOT paying attention while they are driving cars? I KNOW they do NOT look for us to often but still. This was
during t he day light hrs BOTH times. This is why you nee to ASSUME that people in cars trucks big rigs buses do not see you
That's why i call myself GHOST RIDER
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