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Wunderlich Handguards


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Nov 19, 2022
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I installed the Wunderlich handguards yesterday. They are definitely not the most aesthetically appealing guards (IMO). However, the quality and function are excellent, so I'll have to get used to the way they look. To that point, they are pricey for what they are. I chose them after reading so many mixed reviews on other knock-offs, trying the Acerbis, and reaching out to BarkBusters finding out they had no great solution.

Installation is not difficult. Remove your mirrors and their threaded mount, remove the handlebar cover (4 screws), remove the locking screw for the brake handle assembly, install, adjust, and replace the handlebar cover. I do want to say that if you go this route, make sure to measure the distance between the brake handle assembly and the flange of the grip. I have to open it back up today to move it over a few MMs as the brake fluid reservoirs are not perfectly aligned. If I had measured, I would not have to do this. They do not hit the windscreen on lock to lock. However, you have to adjust them prior to locking them down. They are well engineered to miss the screen by just a few MMs, but you must adjust them to that end as one of your reassembly steps.

I rode the bike at speed after installing them and they really work well; Probably better than any Barkbusters I've ever had. I'll see how they do in rain whenever that happens to present as an opportunity. I am a little concerned that the deflection pattern may drive water into the rider's cockpit...for me near the middle of my shin.

The plastics are substantial. The mounting assembly is powder coated steel and is rock solid.