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Hopefully this will link and alert you with an email, LOL. Do you still have your GT goodies?
Tomas, sorry to bother you, but it is hard to find tall C650GT owners. I am 6’3” tall and just put a deposit on a GT without ever sitting on one. How does the scooter fit you overall? How do you like the tall Aeroflow windscreen? Thank you if you are able to respond,

Back in 2015 you posted a message about your scooter that just happened to me. You wrote:

"Weird thing though, I came to my bike today and it seemed the on-board computer reset. I lost all my trip meter mileage, my MPG went to zero, avg speed went to zero. Also at first it marked that the temperature was 270 degrees and the black ice thing was flashing. I drove around parked it and the temperature is fine now, problem now is the power windshield doesnt work anymore. Everything else works, heated grips seat, hazard lights, etc."

Exactly what happened to you just happened to me. My question to you is, how did you fix the problem? Did the dealer have to reflash the bike? Did they charge you? Any information you can share with me I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you,

Hello! I am trying to find the GIVI #TE5105 saddlebag mounts for my C600. I have looked high and low to know available set in stock. I realized they have been recently discontinued, but surely someone has them on a shelf somewhere? If anyone has any idea as to where I can purchase a set, please advise. I would be truly grateful.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Try the Triumph Tiger Explorer, also. The triple will knock your socks off.
For some reason, I am just now seeing this damn near 8 mos later. LOL.

I'm leaning towards the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce or a BMW GS1200. Can't decide if I want a Ferrari or a G-Wagon. LOL.
Hello Doraemon, I just installed PCV on my c600 and was wondering if i to could get a copy of your map. I also removed my cat and have a K&N air filter.
you can download one form dynojet. I will look for mine, you can have a copy, just keep in mind that mine is no cat.
hello my friend. is it possible i can buy the fully dyno map from you? for the bmw c600? thanks let me know.
Hi, yes im changing bike but moving down. I need a cheap, small comuter capable of a 40 mile round trip through all weathers and conditions as my work place is moving next spring. A real shame as i love my scoot but the winter roads covered in rocksalt here will damage my pride and joy. Yes i will stay here, glad i can come of use. If anyone ever needs help, im only to glad and i can help with most via pm's. I still have had no issues with mine and it still only has ever had a first service!!!!!! suppose i know what to look for and avoid, lol.
Hey Andrew,

You moving on to another bike? If so, what is it? Even if you are, stay part of the group if you can. You are a great contributor!

Hi bro i saw ur coumment regarding oil check warnning u been experianse before please do you remamber how many quarts u fill it?? And sense ur oil level below min did it hurt ur engine??
Hi, do you have in electronic form this massages for problem with tensioner. Is it possible to send me to bring them to my service. Thanks in advance
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