2013 C650GT fuel flap broken


New member
I had broke the fuel flap door while opening the seat this year. Looking at other posts it looks you can only replace the flap not repair it. I can't for the life of me figure out how they I installed this in the first place? Does anyone have any tips/videos/advice?



Accept that it's broken. I've broken two of them. I use electrical tape on keep it from flying open while en route. A ridiculous design.


I have a 2013 broke the little flat edge the lock hooked on (The plastic was very brittle) rode without a cover for 3 years. I gave in and bought a new one, it was a different material it is like a soft abs and the latch was a tapered design much better


New member
Success today with a low tech repair. I cut off the nubs with a utility knife and used 2 stainless steel self taping screws to hold it in place. Pictures to follow
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