CE 04 Front wheel replacement procedure?


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Hello everyone, new to this forum - and the wonderful world of CE 04!

I just bought an extra set of wheels with winter tyres. Replacing the rear wheel seems straight forward; 5 x T50 wheel bolts (60 Nm). But what is the procedure for changing the front wheel, including panel/fairing removal? The winter front wheel is a naked/clean rim (picture attached) so I guess I will have to move the two brake rotors (discs) and the ABS sensor ring from the summer wheel to the winter wheel. There is no tyre pressure (RDC) sensor installed. Any help would be highly appreciated!

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I'm jealous! As far as I can tell, finding winter tires that fit the BMW CE-04 front wheel in the United States is impossible. I'm hoping someone will prove me wrong.

I haven't found any guidance, but I had my front tire replaced by a general motorcycle repair shop that has never seen a BMW CE-04 before, and they had no problem with it. As far as I can tell, while the CE-04 back wheel is weird, the front is mounted similarly to most other modern BMW motorcycles.