Coolant temperature gauge for c650 GT


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Looking for coolant temperature gauge for c650 GT. Google produce limited results.. Any one can point me into right direction? Please!
Riding in Western Australia in high outside temperatures need some cousins. ))


With the coolant tank in such a place that it's extremely difficult to check the level, I agree it would be nice to have a gauge. I suppose there is some idiot light on the dash, at least I hope there is. On the 310 series you can read off the engine temperature right in the dash so apparently BMW also feel it is an important indicator.


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Is coolant temperature a problem?
No problems just yet with brand new unit.

As i have mentioned I would like to monitor coolant temperature riding in outside temps 40+
Closest solution I have found so far is a "BMW TRIP COMPUTER GAUGE & SCAN" However it is made for a car and it lean me towards upgrading stock battery to lithium one. Still not sure if it is going to work..



The ECU wont read to normal OBD2 tools...its a closed protocol.

There should be no reason to run warm unless something breaks, then the dash warning comes on.


It should be relatively easy to connect a generic temperature meter into the coolant plumbing but, as speedtoys notes, if the idiot light works properly it should not be an issue.
I have the Motoscan BMW-specific app that works with an OBD plug-in dongle and that I am sure will read the coolant / engine temperature.
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