Disabling the lock on the charging port


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Is there any way I can disable the lock in the charging port, so that I can unplugthe bike when it is done, without having to start it up. My wife needs to unplug it so that we can charge our Mini when she comes home from work.

I know that it can be done in the cars, the mini has a command to do so, but I have been looking through the owners manual and haven't been able to find anything.

The problem is that I have to leave the key in the bike so that she can turn it on, unplug and then switch it off. Now, after 4 months, the battery on the key has worn out.



In the UK a secondary unpowered backup key made from a polymer is provided with the CE 04 and all the BMW bikes I have had in recent years. If you get such keys in the US too you could just give her yours to keep on her key ring or at least leave the polymer key on the bike somewhere obvious so you can take it with you as an emergency backup before you ride off if that is your custom.
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