FOR SALE: Tall GIVI Windscreen for BMW C 650 GT


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If you love your 650 GT but hate buffeting from the low stock windscreen, this is a great solution.

GIVI windscreen D5106ST is 5.1" higher than the stock screen. I live in Florida with no helmet law, so my test for a windscreen is simple: Is my baseball cap blown off at 50 mph? (stock screen: Yes. GIVI screen: Not even close.)

The screen is lightly used (3,200 miles) and has been cleaned ONLY with warm water and microfiber sponge -- and dried with microfiber towels. In short, it has zero scratches or swirls. It also includes two matching side panels to eliminate the wind blast on your hands.

Installation takes 5 minutes. Remove the old screen with four torx screws (torx screwdriver in your tool kit); put on the new screen and tighten the same four torx screws. For the side panels, remove two torx screws on each side and install the panels with longer screws that I will provide.

D5106ST fits 2012 - 2019 models of BMW C 650 GT (IMPORTANT NOTE: It does NOT fit Sport models).

It's on sale today at Revzilla ($247.50), Twisted Throttle ($266.99) and the GIVI website ($275.00), OR get a deal from me: $110 + $25 shipping.

I have another ad in this forum offering the official BMW Service and Repair Manual on DVD for $65. If you want a combo offer, buy the screen + DVD for $190 with shipping included.

Service and repair manual DVD includes BMW C 650 GT 2012 - 2017.

Plus BMW C 600 Sport 2012 - 2015 and BMW C 650 Sport 2016 - 2017.

Plus all BMW models in the K, F, R, S and G series. Meaning, whether you have an R 1200 GS or a G 310 R, it's on this DVD.

DVD sells on now for $111.17.
9. GIVI copy.jpg1. Front Side copy.jpg


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SOLD. Got a private message 12 minutes after posting.

Just fyi, side pieces are in the photo. Pretty self-explanatory, same material as the windscreen, same pre-drilled holes. They do a nice job of cutting down the wind blast on the hands.


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Thanks. It is a beauty. But truth be told, I'd trade it for a comparable white one in a minute.
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