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Hand Guards

Have not. But I really like the looks of the first ones you have listed and think they would look great on my white scooter. My problem is that the ones I tried hit my aftermarket windshield and these look like they would not be any better. (Maybe worse) I was very skeptical about AliExchange but, many people were purchasing from them on the Honda Trail 125 forum so I decieded to give them a chance. They were much cheaper than Amazon. So I have purchased 2 items from them for a Honda Trail 125 that I purchased for my niece. Both Items were as advertised and fit perfectly. I saved money on both. The shipping was about 2 weeks on one item and 3 weeks on the other but man they sent me a lot of emails letting me know where the items were and when they expected them to be delivered. I paid a lot more for the hand guards I got that don't look as nice. I'm temped to order them just because I like them more than the ones I paid a lot more money for. If you try them let us know what you think.
I also put on the hand guard yesterday. It's from Aliexpress. The quality is quite good, and it looks good.
Oh, and I also installed a rear wheel fender. This way the engine compartment will not get muddy.IMG_1100.webp