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Riding season just started around my hometown of Rochester, New York and already there's a fatality caused by the #1 reason for motorcycle accidents and deaths: cars turning in front of bikes.

I generally like every minute of every mile on my BMW. But cars about to turn in front of me are a definite PITA to deal with. I never take a single car for granted. I assume this one will not see me, that one is texting, this one will hit the gas at the last second. So I always give myself enough space to "leave myself an out" (thank you, New York State Learner's Permit Manual). I weave. Blink the brights. Slow down and pull to the right if the lane is open. I assume every encounter can be a collision unless I avoid it.

Particularly irksome are the creepers ... vehicles that appear to see you but keep their tires moving, getting a rolling start to accelerate just as you pass. Only on a bike, you don't know that! Maybe they're just turning and don't see you.

There's no time for meaningful eye contact or understanding. You either trust or slow down, weave, etc. Several times every week in South Florida, cars will keep creeping into their turn as I approach, pushing me to the right, causing me to slow down to leave myself an out. Stubbornly, I keep slowing as long as they keep rolling. Occasionally this produces a literal standstill. I swear one of these times I'll be forced to slow so much I'm going to just stop, put down the stand and get off the bike.

God forbid I interrupt the smoothness of their turn across my freaking lane!

A lot of riders just trust or take their chances that the turning car sees them. Most are fine. Some die every day. One just did in the beautiful, rolling hills of the Finger Lakes south of Rochester. A 52-year old man just out for a Springtime ride, enjoying life.

Watch those creepers. Don't take a single one for granted.
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I had one try that just this weekend. My feeble little horn seemed to do the trick warning him off. But you always have to assume they mean to take you out, so having a hand covering the brake is always a good practice to have.


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Agreed. Just did an advanced MSF class last month. Good reminder every so often about how out of touch with the world many drivers are. You have to be extra vigilant because whether you are legally right or wrong physics will settle the score and on a bike you are always on the losing end.


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I had very loud Steibel horns installed and added Clearwater bright hi vis yellow driving lights. Because the OEM horn is very anemic and added lights with contrasting colors seems to help, but still take no chances.


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Yep I installed some skene lights front and rear. They flicker as you ride for conspicuity. I believe some people think I am a cop at times. And the rear brake led's are crazy bright to wake people up from their driving coma.
I was in the fast lane 3 lanes and a guy had come up in the middle lane and wanted to pass me. There was ONLY
about 8 ft. between the other car that was in the middle lane and they guy next to me started to move into my
lane. I had to back off fast or i would have been hit by a hit n run driver. That happened just 2 days ago. Another
case was i was exiting Walmarts parking are and headed for the exit and a guy in a truck NOT looking at all
pulls out from the parking zones and just about hit me. I had to hit the horn n speed up to 20mph to get out
of his way. There was no time to back off or room. 2 times in 1 day people need to LOOK with BOTH EYES
OPEN. I always assume that people do NOT see me. Oh the guy that cut me off in the 1 st one he was cutting
everybody off. What is it with cagers that DO NOT look for us on 2 wheels?
Everyone on this forum should go on their areas news stations channels on F/B and make a PSA Asking people
to watch for us on 2 wheels when exiting parking lots or side streets. I have posted a lot on my home towns
F/B. pages over the yrs.. It did help even the traffic lady on the news said please be aware of motorcycles . The
idiots on the roadways these days That is why i call myself Ghost rider Greg even thou i want to be see people
still do NOT look n IF they do they look with their closed or head down on the ph.
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