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TFT screen theft


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Mar 9, 2024
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C400 GT TFT brace

As you may be aware there have been numerous cases of the TFT screens being stolen from BMW bikes and scooters. Cymarc Engineering Ltd based in Scunthorpe have developed a brace to prevent theft. Thieves just need to give it a good pull, without the need for tools, potentially leaving damaged wiring with a £1600 repair bill and a huge amount of stress and inconvenience. The company have made this brace for other BMW models including the 400X but have now included the 400GT. It's a testament to the companies skill and professionalism and their past experience that they managed to design and fabricate one for my 400GT as I waited, for which I am extremely grateful. The brace is a really firm fitting and totally secure which includes security bolts needing a special tool that even professionals would be unlikely to carry and casual opportunist thieves certainly not. It is available in powder coated satin black or brushed stainless steel. The brace is so good that in black looks OEM, personally I have the stainless which stands out and looks the part, making a statement. My TFT screen will certainly not be stolen.

Visit the site at https://www.cymarcbikeparts.co.uk/, the C400GT brace at https://www.cymarcbikeparts.co.uk/bmw-c400gt-tft-screen-security-brace-1610-p.asp

I am shortly on a tour to the south of France and with visits to Paris, Marseilles etc this issue was a worry. In this country it would be a costly and inconvenient situation but at least you could get it sorted. Abroad, potentially thousands of miles from home it would be a disaster and certainly ruin the trip. The cost really is minimal compared to the cost to replace and is also a valued extra if you sell the vehicle.


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